Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gotta watch the US Women's National Soccer Team against Japan on Sunday! 4 pm EST.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bolt, Basketball and Beating the World

Talking Tips:

Usain Bolt won the 100 meter sprint with an Olympic record time. Second Olympics he's picked up the gold in the premier Olympic track and field event. That's what a 40-inch inseam will do for you.

This week gets serious for the Olympic team. Tell people, "So goes Lebron, so goes the US."  Miami Heat star Lebron James is our best player.

Amy Wambach is doing the same thing for the Olympic women's soccer team that Lebron is doing for basketball; taking the team on her back and willing it to win.

The Olympics end next Sunday. It will be hard for the English to outdo the opening ceremony for silliness.

At NASCAR's Pocono raceway a storm stopped the race and lightening killed a spectator.

If anyone mentions golf just say, "Are they still playing golf now that the major's are over?"

If anyone mentions baseball, say, "See me in September." (That's when teams start the run for the World Series)

College football teams started practice last week. Kids are leaving Penn State like rats jumping off a burning ship.

GREAT TALKING POINT: The Wall Street Journal had a great article this weekend:  If the NFL could send players to the Olympics and they played in a variety of sports, how would they do? If you can find the article online or in a WSJ, check it out. If not, simply pose the question.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jump, Flip, Fly and Swim

The Olympics are in full swing and, as usual, there are about nine different controversies, so pick one and run with it. A Greek long jumper, and American women’s soccer goalee Hope Solo, are in hot water for Tweeting stupid comments. The men’s swimming relay team lost to the Frogs (French). The reigning women’s world gymnastic champion, American Jordyn Wieber, was bumped from contention last night, and an Indian extra in the opening ceremonies drama-thon snuck into the Indian Olympic team and marched around the stadium with them.

I love the opening/closing ceremonies. The performances are over-the-top in the same way little kids show off in front of company, but the best part is the march of very small countries. One of them, Pigsnotistan, or something, has about 174 people in the country, 2 athletes on the team and 42 coaches. You just know the coaches are folks’ friends who said, “Go to London for a few weeks and the peasants pay for it? Well, Hell yeah!” (or, whatever the word for Hell is in their language)

NFL training camps opened on Friday. Go to to see info about your favorite team. College football summer practice, or, camps as many coaches are now calling them so it sounds like the NFL, get started in a week. High school football in most areas started this week.

If you’re into major league baseball, go to .

On Sunday, Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR Brickyard 400 by making 1600 left turns.

Fred Couples, a good guy, won the British Senior Open.

If you’re looking for a great talking point go to the link below. It’s a column by Rick Reilly comparing the tennis champion Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Great, smart reading.

Have a great week and GO USA! USA! USA!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State and Adam Scott: "Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?!!!"

NCAA penalties to be levied against Penn State for the cover-up of the Sandusky child abuse case will be announced later today. The fine line the NCAA is walking is defined by the fact that, while Sandusky was a member of the coaching staff, the crimes were not sports-related, the area over which the NCAA has power. This isn't like SMU paying players and manipulating grades. A good talking point would: Does the NCAA have the power to levy the "death penalty" (shutting down the program for a year or more) if the crimes were not related to athletes, their performance, or the sports-related contact the program has with other universities? The most interesting topic will be the NCAA's logic.

Ernie Els, known on the pro golf tour as, The Big Easy, backed into the British Open on Sunday. Els was down by six strokes when Adam Scott (no, not the guy who draws Dilbert) crashed and burned and made four bogeys (1 stroke over par) on the last four holes and lost. Scott missed a 10-foot putt on 18 to seal his fate. I know he's a pro, but a 10-foot put in that sort of situation looks like 10 miles and the hole looks about as big as a pinhead.

The Olympics start Friday. Look for bad boy swimmer Ryan Lochte to create a few waves.

The US Open Tennis Tournament starts a week from Friday.

Remember, if you or the people around you are interested in any of the pro team sports; football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc., simply pick a team and go to their website. Then, pick a couple of players and keep up with them.  I'll keep saying it, "The general public doesn't care about'em until championship time." The main comment you need to avoid if you want to be taken seriously is, "They have great uniforms."

As for NASCAR; interestingly, many of the top drivers (Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne) aren't going to be in the hunt for the championship because they don't have enough points; first time that's happened in quite a while. Remember, keep turning left.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Last week's297-page report about the Sandusky child abuse case swirling around Penn State was, unfortunately, the biggest news on the sports pages. Christine Brennan of USA Today called for the program to be shut down, at least for a year. This year is the 25th anniversary of the NCAA handing Southern Methodist University the "death penalty" and shutting down their football program for a few years. The penalties were for paying players and fiddling with their was nothing as bad as what has happened in Happy Valley (what PSU and the media call College Station, PA). Whatever you believe about the Penn State situation it will cloud their program for at least a decade.

A spectator threw tacks on the course of the Tour de France and flattened the tires of a number of the riders.

British Open starts Thursday and Tiger is favored.

Other sports: Lots of trades in the NBA, NFL and NHL and I'll say it one except hardcore fans care until the ends of those seasons. Same with baseball, see you in October. If you live in a city with a major league team check the front page of your sports section in the paper or online and you'll see the story of the day.

Here's another helpful point: Find a sports writer you like and follow his or her column. Go online and read Rick Reilly; funny stuff and pretty perceptive.

The Olympics start July 27-Aug 12. You'll want to see the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies; record'em if you have to. Big stink about the American uniforms being made in China

NASCAR turns left again on July 29 at the Crown Royal 400 in Indianapolis.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cars in The Olympics...Really?!

Here's the stupidest sports idea to come along in awhile. Formula One racing authorities (those are the open-wheeled cars that race in international competitions around the world)applied to have F1 declared an Olympic sport. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said the Olympics, "are competition for the athletes, not for equipment." TALKING POINTS: Major League Baseball is half-way through it's season. The Allstar Game is Tuesday night at 8 pm. If you want to watch something cool watch the homerun derby tonight at 8 pm on ESPN. It's fun to watch some of these guys crush a baseball. Roger Federer won his 7th Wimbledon championship and Serena Williams won her 5th. Golfers from South Korea have won the Women's US Open four out of the last five years. What up wid dat? If you have friends who are NASCAR fans or if you're one, a good question to ask is why do NASCAR revenues keep dropping. They're down over 30%. The economy, all the drivers look the same, people are tired of watching folks turn left for 3 hours? Whataya think? THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING! THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tennis, Talking Points and TUMS


Big deal this week is Wimbledon...finals coming up this weekend...Serena Williams won on Thursday wearing a warm-up outfit that made her look like the drum major from Ohio State U.

TALKING POINT: Professional women's tennis is up in arms about the grunting sound many players are making when they hit a shot (guys are doing it, too...but their association hasn't spoken up). Old school players like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova say it's distracting to other players and spectators don't like it. Young players, especially if they're winning, don't care what others are saying. What do YOU think?

Remember, Tiger won last Sunday. British Open is coming up.

Summer Olympics are in London in a couple of weeks. Michael Phelps in the pool will be a hot topic and the women's track team should be smokin' fast.

Spain won the 2012 Euro soccer championship. For the most part, no one in America except for immigrants and parents of girls or 1- year-old boys cares about soccer. That's not a slam, it's a simple reality.

The Tour de France is going on right now. If you dig watchimg 150 men in tight pants pedal $12,000 bicycles at 40 mph look for it on ESPN 2 and other channels.

College athletic directors decided on a four-team playoff for the college football national championship last week in Chicago. TALKING POINT: Is this good for college football or does it start making the regular season less important?

Finally, Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on July 4. He tied his own world record by eating 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes. Can you say TUMS?

KILLER COMMENTS TO GET YOU THROUGH THE SUMMER: Other than hardcore fans no one cares about Major League Baseball until September and October when the league championships and World Series are held.

And NO ONE other than hardcore fans cares about pro basketball or football during the summer. Pro football training camps begin this month and college kids return in early August.