Monday, July 30, 2012

Jump, Flip, Fly and Swim

The Olympics are in full swing and, as usual, there are about nine different controversies, so pick one and run with it. A Greek long jumper, and American women’s soccer goalee Hope Solo, are in hot water for Tweeting stupid comments. The men’s swimming relay team lost to the Frogs (French). The reigning women’s world gymnastic champion, American Jordyn Wieber, was bumped from contention last night, and an Indian extra in the opening ceremonies drama-thon snuck into the Indian Olympic team and marched around the stadium with them.

I love the opening/closing ceremonies. The performances are over-the-top in the same way little kids show off in front of company, but the best part is the march of very small countries. One of them, Pigsnotistan, or something, has about 174 people in the country, 2 athletes on the team and 42 coaches. You just know the coaches are folks’ friends who said, “Go to London for a few weeks and the peasants pay for it? Well, Hell yeah!” (or, whatever the word for Hell is in their language)

NFL training camps opened on Friday. Go to to see info about your favorite team. College football summer practice, or, camps as many coaches are now calling them so it sounds like the NFL, get started in a week. High school football in most areas started this week.

If you’re into major league baseball, go to .

On Sunday, Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR Brickyard 400 by making 1600 left turns.

Fred Couples, a good guy, won the British Senior Open.

If you’re looking for a great talking point go to the link below. It’s a column by Rick Reilly comparing the tennis champion Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Great, smart reading.

Have a great week and GO USA! USA! USA!

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