Monday, July 16, 2012

Last week's297-page report about the Sandusky child abuse case swirling around Penn State was, unfortunately, the biggest news on the sports pages. Christine Brennan of USA Today called for the program to be shut down, at least for a year. This year is the 25th anniversary of the NCAA handing Southern Methodist University the "death penalty" and shutting down their football program for a few years. The penalties were for paying players and fiddling with their was nothing as bad as what has happened in Happy Valley (what PSU and the media call College Station, PA). Whatever you believe about the Penn State situation it will cloud their program for at least a decade.

A spectator threw tacks on the course of the Tour de France and flattened the tires of a number of the riders.

British Open starts Thursday and Tiger is favored.

Other sports: Lots of trades in the NBA, NFL and NHL and I'll say it one except hardcore fans care until the ends of those seasons. Same with baseball, see you in October. If you live in a city with a major league team check the front page of your sports section in the paper or online and you'll see the story of the day.

Here's another helpful point: Find a sports writer you like and follow his or her column. Go online and read Rick Reilly; funny stuff and pretty perceptive.

The Olympics start July 27-Aug 12. You'll want to see the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies; record'em if you have to. Big stink about the American uniforms being made in China

NASCAR turns left again on July 29 at the Crown Royal 400 in Indianapolis.

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