Monday, August 6, 2012

Bolt, Basketball and Beating the World

Talking Tips:

Usain Bolt won the 100 meter sprint with an Olympic record time. Second Olympics he's picked up the gold in the premier Olympic track and field event. That's what a 40-inch inseam will do for you.

This week gets serious for the Olympic team. Tell people, "So goes Lebron, so goes the US."  Miami Heat star Lebron James is our best player.

Amy Wambach is doing the same thing for the Olympic women's soccer team that Lebron is doing for basketball; taking the team on her back and willing it to win.

The Olympics end next Sunday. It will be hard for the English to outdo the opening ceremony for silliness.

At NASCAR's Pocono raceway a storm stopped the race and lightening killed a spectator.

If anyone mentions golf just say, "Are they still playing golf now that the major's are over?"

If anyone mentions baseball, say, "See me in September." (That's when teams start the run for the World Series)

College football teams started practice last week. Kids are leaving Penn State like rats jumping off a burning ship.

GREAT TALKING POINT: The Wall Street Journal had a great article this weekend:  If the NFL could send players to the Olympics and they played in a variety of sports, how would they do? If you can find the article online or in a WSJ, check it out. If not, simply pose the question.